Jenna (Mom) performing "Come With You" from Little Black Dress in Windsor, ON

"The cast was extraordinary. Danielle Trzcinski, Jennette Cronk, Jenna Cormey, and Clint J. Hromsco are the talented and versatile performers who played over 20 characters, each a dynamo. They deserved the audience's thunderous ovation as they took their bows. Don't miss this show"

-Entertainment Weekly

Middle IMG: From left- Jenna (Ann), Clint Hromsco (Mark), Danielle Trzcinski (Dee), and Jennettee Cronk (Mandy) performing the "Finale" from Little Black Dress in Windsor, ON 


Right IMG: Clint Hromsco (TV Dad) and Jenna (TV Mom) performing "Having a Baby is Easy" from Little Black Dress in Windsor, ON

The cast of "FRIENDS!" opening night at the Kirk Douglas Theatre.

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Jenna on the red carpet at the opening night of "FRIENDS! The Musical Parody" at the Kirk Douglas Theatre in Culver City, CA


Opening night bows at the Kirk Douglas Theatre in Culver City, CA. From left to right: Jenna Cormey (Gunther), Maggie McMeans (Monica), Domenic Servidio (Joey), Tyler Fromson (Ross), Aaron C. Rutherford (Chandler), Sami Griffith (Rachel), Madison Fuller (Phoebe)