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Laughing Matters, FST’s hit musical sketch comedy show, is back for round six! And this time, nothing and no one is safe from a good-spirited roast. From never-ending Sarasota construction and the perpetual hunt for downtown parking to Mother Nature’s increasingly wild mood swings and our endless quest to stay young, Laughing Matters delivers fast-paced comedy inspired by the culture and politics of today.

Laughing Matters, by head writer Rebecca Hopkins with contributing writers Kevin Allen, Sarah Durham, Stephan deGhelder, Tony Hendricks, Nick Santa Maria, and Jim Prosser, will play beginning February 16, 2022 in FST's Court Cabaret. 

Post-show discussions inspired by themes raised in Laughing Matters will take place Thursdays from 2/24/22 - 6/9/22 in FST's Court Cabaret.